Lisa moderates a marketing leader panel at the Adobe Summit

Modern marketing can feel overwhelming.

Today’s CMOs are expected to be brand stewards, demand generation experts, customer experience hubs, and more. Many marketing leaders revert to “order takers” roles, they miss out on the opportunity to influence strategy. As a result, they often feel isolated.

Courageous CEOs and CMOs work with Lisa, and EnergizeGrowth®,  to make the leap from order taker to innovator. Our advisory services, conferences, and peer help groups help leaders “cut through the clutter” associated with today’s modern marketing demands.


That’s why marketing leaders need a “safe haven” to confidentially test new ideas, solve problems, and make new connections. The Marketing Leaders private communities attract top CMOs with growth mindset and passion for advancing our profession.

Over three decades, Lisa has learned what marketing and planning models are working, and which ones are just time-wasters.

Lisa’s first highly acclaimed book, EnergizeGrowth® NOW: The Marketing Guide to a Wealthy Company, earned accolades from Shama Hyder, Chip Conley, Guy Kawasaki, Marshall Goldsmith, and other luminaries, and has helped thousands reach their growth potential.

The Mindful Marketer: How to stay Present and Profitable in a Data-Driven World, earned a spot in the C-Suite Book Club bookshelf next to Jim Collins, Arianna Huffington, and Sheryl Sandberg.

Marketing Leaders of DC welcome Chris Neumann of CROMetrics

The mission of EnergizeGrowth® is to help marketing leaders thrive in a time of uncertainty, and provide a unique private forum for marketing executives to collaborate and learn.

You can visit this page to learn more about applying to join our peer groups.

The Marketing Leaders of DC™ with special guest, Jeanne Bliss.

Winning strategies without the fluff.

EnergizeGrowth® focuses on improving client’s business condition and overall performance. The goal of EnergizeGrowth®is to drive value to your bottom line quickly. That’s why world class executives, corporations, and thought leaders in the marketing profession work with EnergizeGrowth® to take their business to the next level.

Lisa Nirell, founder of EnergizeGrowth®

A little about Lisa…

A frequent keynote speaker for organizations such as Google, Turner, and Infor, Lisa has spoken to groups in nine countries (and counting).

Lisa never realized she had the innovation bug until she turned 40. Her father, Edgar Lizotte, was an inventor- he held many patents for mechanical security devices.

Over the coming decade, Lisa is committed to creating sustainable, customer-centric, mindful organizations. Through her advisory work, keynotes, and private peer groups, marketing leaders find inspiration and pragmatic guidance.

A portion of EnergizeGrowth®revenues support Room to Read, The Deschutes Basin Land Trust (OR), and the Animal Welfare league of Alexandria (VA). She serves on the board for Volunteer Alexandria.

She finds inspiration from “unplugged moments”- open water swimming, writing, meditation, yoga, adventure, and travel. With a passion for all things aquatic, Lisa is a mermaid trapped in an entrepreneur’s body.

Lisa Nirell, founder of EnergizeGrowth®has spoken to groups and organizations across the globe, including:

Success Stories

Being a part of Marketing Leaders community has been an exceptional and unforgettable experience. I joined the group as a VP of Marketing to help me grow into a CMO role. Lisa and the group provided the support and expertise to confidently achieve that audacious goal. I highly recommend this peer group for any marketing executive looking to drive their careers forward.

Jennifer Groese, SVP of Marketing, AVOXI

I fully endorse the Marketing Leaders of DC™ organization. It’s a great forum to share experiences and stay current on modern marketing trends.

Chip Coyle, CMO, Blue Prism

Lisa helped us maintain a maniacal focus on helping our teams understand the new mission. As a result, we have stopped having so many discussions about areas that are no longer driving business growth. Within months, marketing employee engagement scores grew to some of the highest in the company.

CMO, $2B publicly traded company

My membership in the Marketing Leaders of Atlanta™ has really been invaluable. I learned new strategies to improve the conversion rates of a digital campaign that resulted in a 20% improvement in performance.

Jeff Perkins, CMO, ParkMobile

I appreciate the community Lisa has created. After our meetings, I bring back actionable, proven marketing plans and solutions to my executive leadership team.

Jess Lasko, CMO, Capital Bank of MD

 Had we not worked with Lisa on our growth plan, we would not have the framework to reach our 30% growth target. This initiative was the big boost that pushed our company forward.

CMO, Fast Growing Tech Company

Lisa’s marketing expertise and CMO communities are ground-breaking. They have contributed significantly to our team’s ability to contribute to 25% profit margin growth over the past three years while I led marketing at Celerity.

Jen Kern, CMO, Qu POS

The Marketing Leaders sessions are groundbreaking. Lisa’s network enabled me to gather some compensation-related data quickly for an upcoming Board meeting. When I look back, I think that this week will be one that changed the trajectory of my career. I’m excited to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Shane McCarthy, CMO, Sandboxx

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