Marketing Leaders of Atlanta

A “Safe Haven” for CMO Reinvention, Brainstorming, and Reflection.
  • Are you looking for that 1 % extra competitive edge?
  • Do you struggle to move initiatives forward in the C-suite?
  • Feeling isolated in your current role?
  • Are big data and social media causing big headaches?
Marketing Leaders of Atlanta™ may be the solution.

This exclusive, confidential CMO group is designed to help you:

  • Set clear priorities
  • Eliminate feelings of “C-suite isolation”
  • Validate plans with a seasoned board of advisors
  • Jumpstart your new job or initiatives
  • Slash the time required to identify the best resources
  • Increase commitment from your CEO and board of directors

Our group purpose is to gather and inspire senior marketing leaders to share ideas and resources, create a forum for breakthrough innovation, and raise their level of personal performance. We discover and deploy new strategies to help CMOs thrive in the midst of dramatic digital, market, and organization change.

Why consider applying to the group?

The role of the CMO is changing rapidly. You need a safe haven for reinvention, brainstorming and reflection. Classic networking associations and vendor-led groups do not provide this accountability and peer support.

Membership includes these benefits:

  • Insight from other seasoned marketing executives in a confidential setting-competitors never join the same group
  • Five private meetings a year at a predetermined, convenient location
  • Personal introductions and access to a global resource community (agencies, recruiters, VC firms, marketing automation firms, etc.)
  • A seasoned group leader who will provide fresh thinking around your key issues
  • Optional quarterly conference calls and breakfast meetings with market makers such as Dell CIO Adriana Karaboutis, Cintrifuse’s Chairwoman Wendy Lea, and former Eloqua CEO Joe Payne
  • Complimentary admission to our CMOs Leading Innovation Conference (CLIC)
  • A members-only library of exclusive content, videos, and marketing planning resources
  • 1:1 planning and mentoring session to keep you consistently moving forward on your top priorities
  • Member discounts on products, programs, and services offered by EnergizeGrowth®
Let’s Talk

“My membership in the Marketing Leaders of Atlanta has really been invaluable. I love being able to openly talk about ideas and issues with my peers in a safe space. After one of our group meetings, I learned new strategies to improve the conversion rates of a campaign that resulted in a 20% improvement in performance. Additionally, the connections I’ve made in the group have helped make me a better marketer.”

Jeff Perkins, CMO, ParkMobile LLC

“I have learned so much and I am very appreciative of the networking opportunities and also the knowledge that Lisa brings to us.”

Jamie Gorski, CMO, GID/Windsor Real Estate

“Lisa is a dot connector and synthesizer of big marketing issues and opportunities. She unites and lifts up people’s thinking, collaboration and bonding, therefore adding enormous value for everyone who engages.”

Steven Cook,, Adobe Contributing Editor

“Lisa has the power through her network to bring some people in who are truly impressive .. you really do get to expand the way you think.”

Stuart Foster, CMO, Topgolf

“I endorse the Marketing Leaders organization … It’s a great forum to share experiences and learn a lot about the emerging aspects of marketing.”

Chip Coyle, Former CMO, Infor

“Lisa’s innovation and planning approaches are powerful. She provides a great opportunity to align with key brand leaders who are successfully addressing their challenges.”

Renee Ducre, former VP of Digital, American Cancer Society

Is membership right for you?

Marketing Leaders of Atlanta™ may be a fit if you…
  • Need to boost top line growth
  • Own profit and loss for your marketing organization
  • Report directly to the founder(s), CEO, President, or Director(s)
  • Have an established market presence and customer base
  • Are sincerely growth-oriented and action-oriented
  • Have a passion to serve others
  • Are a lifelong learner with long term focus on improvement
  • Commit to protect group confidentiality
  • Live and work in the Metropolitan Atlanta Area
Marketing Leaders of Atlanta™ may NOT be a fit if you…
  • Work for a marketing agency, PR firm, or social media company
  • Need a place to socialize or promote your services
  • Think peer groups are a luxury, not a priority
  • Work for a lifestyle business or a company in the steep decline
  • Dislike and resist accountability systems
  • Want free advice, but are not willing to help others
  • Believe you can “go it alone”
  • Work for a company facing severe internal or operational challenges (e.g. hostile takeover, divestiture, negative cash flow, etc.)

Let’s Talk!

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