“A Safe Haven” for CMO Reinvention, Brainstorming, and Reflection

Why consider applying to the group?

The role of the CMO and Chief Growth Officer is changing rapidly.

“VUCA” (volatility, uncertainty, chaos and ambiguity) are at an all-time high.

That’s why we have created a safe haven for reinvention problem-solving, and reflection. Our group is designed for leaders with a growth mindset. We create the conditions for you to be an effective executive.

Traditional networking associations and vendor-led “clubs” do not provide this accountability and peer support.

What our members are saying

Being a part of Marketing Leaders community has been an exceptional and unforgettable experience. I joined the group as a VP of Marketing to help me grow into a CMO role. Lisa and the group provided the support and expertise to confidently achieve that audacious goal. I highly recommend this peer group for any marketing executive looking to drive their careers forward.

Jennifer Groese, SVP of Marketing, AVOXI

I fully endorse the Marketing Leaders of DC™ organization. It’s a great forum to share experiences and stay current on modern marketing trends.

Chip Coyle, CMO, Blue Prism

Lisa helped us maintain a maniacal focus on helping our teams understand the new mission. As a result, we have stopped having so many discussions about areas that are no longer driving business growth. Within months, marketing employee engagement scores grew to some of the highest in the company.

CMO, $2B publicly traded company

My membership in the Marketing Leaders of Atlanta™ has really been invaluable. I learned new strategies to improve the conversion rates of a digital campaign that resulted in a 20% improvement in performance.

Jeff Perkins, CMO, ParkMobile

I appreciate the community Lisa has created. After our meetings, I bring back actionable, proven marketing plans and solutions to my executive leadership team.

Jess Lasko, CMO, Capital Bank of MD

 Had we not worked with Lisa on our growth plan, we would not have the framework to reach our 30% growth target. This initiative was the big boost that pushed our company forward.

CMO, Fast Growing Tech Company

Lisa’s marketing expertise and CMO communities are ground-breaking. They have contributed significantly to our team’s ability to contribute to 25% profit margin growth over the past three years while I led marketing at Celerity.

Jen Kern, CMO, Qu POS

The Marketing Leaders sessions are groundbreaking. Lisa’s network enabled me to gather some compensation-related data quickly for an upcoming Board meeting. When I look back, I think that this week will be one that changed the trajectory of my career. I’m excited to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Shane McCarthy, CMO, Sandboxx

Membership includes these benefits

  • 8 – 10 Private Member Meetings Per Year

  • Confidential 1:1 Coaching Sessions

  • Private Online Forums

  • Referrals and Introductions to Lisa’s Global Network

  • Membership Confab (every 18 – 24 months)

Here are more details

  • Up to 12 virtual and face to face members-only meetings a year. These include deep discussions and insight from seasoned marketing and growth executives in a confidential setting.

  • A seasoned facilitator and leader who will provide fresh thinking around your key issues.

  • Private Slack discussion group.

  • One-on-one strategy sessions with a certified business coach and marketing expert at mutually agreed upon intervals.

  • Tracking of your results and progress against goals that matter to you.

  • A forum where competitors will not join the same group.

  • World-class leaders and experts during our member meetings. Our past speakers have included:

Chip Conley, former JDV Hotels CEO, bestselling author, and strategic advisor to Airbnb co-founders

Guy Kawasaki, Former Apple Evangelist, 15-time author, and Canva evangelist

Dorie Clark, branding expert, Thinkers50 leader, MSNBC contributor, and bestselling author

Teresa Ressel, former CEO of UBS Securities and CFO of the U.S. Treasury

Jeanne Bliss, top customer experience expert, author, and Chief Customer Officer pioneer

Dave Keil, CEO of fast-growth tech companies, including Dun & Bradstreet and Tricentis

Nilofer Merchant, author, top-ranked TED speaker, and Thinkers50 Award winner

SC Moatti, Managing Partner, Mighty Capital, Silicon Valley product management visionary, and author of Mobilized

Joe Payne,former CEO of Eloqua (now Oracle) and Code42

Shama Hyder, Founder of Zen Media, author, and media personality

Time Commitment

This is not a casual “networking group over cocktails.”
If selected, you will commit between 20 and 50 hours per year on improving your marketing wisdom, self-awareness, personal relationships, and business performance. This equates to 1%-2% of your working hours.

We are here to help you design more discretionary and reflection time—a core requirement for every C-Suite leader today.

You benefit. Your team benefits. Customers benefit. And your loved ones will benefit, too.

How are members selected?

This community isn’t for every CMO, EVP of Growth, or Marketing VP. We look for committed, generous leaders who have solid experience in their field.

Prior to your being invited to join, we will have a confidential strategy session to ensure mutual fit.

Is membership right for you?

Marketing Growth Leaders™ may be a fit if you…

  • Need to boost top line growth
  • Own profit and loss for your marketing organization
  • Report directly to the founder(s), CEO, President, or Director(s)
  • Have an established market presence and customer base
  • Are sincerely growth-oriented and action-oriented
  • Have a passion to serve others
  • Are a lifelong learner with long term focus on improvement
  • Commit to protect group confidentiality

Marketing Growth Leaders™ may NOT be a fit if you…

  • Work for a marketing agency, PR firm, or social media company
  • Need a place to socialize or promote your services
  • Think peer groups are a luxury, not a priority
  • Work for a lifestyle business or a company in the steep decline
  • Dislike and resist accountability systems
  • Want free advice, but are not willing to help others
  • Believe you can “go it alone”
  • Work for a company facing severe internal or operational challenges (e.g. hostile takeover, divestiture, negative cash flow, etc.)

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